NILE and your business

We value the requirements of our employers, and will take the time to work with them to make the apprenticeship training work for their business.

Facts about 20% off-the-job training

Here at NILE, we have already factored in the 20% off-the-job training requirements into our model.

Mentor support and training

We aren’t just focused on supporting our employers and students, but we also want to support their Mentors too.

Apprenticeship Levy: What you need to know

The Apprenticeship Reforms are part of the government’s ambition to increase the number of high-quality apprenticeships.

Planning and developing the apprenticeship training programme

Alignment: We will hold an in-depth session with employers to identify their apprenticeship vision and their apprenticeship programme’s key objectives

Inclusive: To embed a successful apprenticeship programme into businesses, we want all stakeholders to understand the latest apprenticeship reforms and funding changes to highlight the benefits of a bespoke apprenticeship package

Funding the apprenticeship programme: Whether co-investment or levy we will create a strategy to fully utilise all funding options that closely align to theemployer’s apprenticeship vision. If working within the healthcare sector, we can also align training to the Workforce Development Fund (WDF).

Utilise any current investments: We can embed any or all existing training into the apprenticeship programmes, ensuring continuity for workforces.

The journey begins: Supporting employers to develop and launch a management academy to raise awareness and increase engagement.

Your fully managed apprenticeship training programme

Your Account Manager: A dedicated point of contact who ensures that our employers and their apprentices are fully up to date with their apprenticeship programme and progress

Supporting you: We can attend management meetings to facilitate and maintain apprenticeship programme understanding and to continue programme promotion

Dedicated Tutors: NILE tutors will be trained to deliver the apprenticeship programme to the highest expectations, in line with our clients culture and ethos

Developing managers/mentors: We can provide training and development sessions with any designated managers and/or mentors to ensure that they fully understand all aspects of the apprenticeship programme, including the electronic portfolio and all online training systems that apprentices will utilise during their studies.