74% of UK professionals mirror the leadership styles of their colleagues

74% of UK professionals mirror the leadership styles of their colleagues

74% of UK professionals mirror the leadership styles of their colleagues 2000 1335 Defining the standard in leadership and management training

Recent research by ILM of 2,000 employees in full and part-time work, found that formal training and development of staff is still favorited by employees, but that 74% of the respondents will also mirror the professional leadership styles of their colleagues. These findings reiterate the importance of employers utilising quality training to ensure businesses thrive.

Some of the most contagious traits are also the ones that underpin the overall success of a business. These are communication, copied by 18% of workers, problem solving (copied by 9%), and customer service (copied by 10%). As these traits run through all aspects of a business, it is vital that employers ensure that each of their employees are exhibiting the highest levels of these traits.

By accessing formal training in management, employers are equipping their future leaders with the skills and knowledge to help not only them, but also their business to thrive. Management apprenticeships on offer by NILE, a management academy which is re-defining the standard in leadership and management training, are designed to support professionals in font line management roles all the way up strategic managers. NILE aims to address not only the industry need to develop future leaders, but also incorporates six additional courses and qualifications into the apprenticeship package, to help students gain the rounded, transferable skills that employers need.

John Yates, Group Director at ILM, commented on the findings,

“When properly managed, emulation can be a highly valuable way for people to learn. However, organisations should not rely on contagion to upskill employees; with bad habits as likely to spread as good, it is vital that employees at every level of an organisation understand, develop and role model positive leadership skills. By utilising more formal training systems that employees value so highly, businesses can feel confident that their employees will be embodying and transferring to others the skills they really need for success.”

The NILE management academy offers employers and individuals the opportunity to gain prestigious, nationally recognised qualifications in management by studying either a full apprenticeship standard or a commercial qualification. The NILE apprenticeships at levels 3 and 5, also give students the flexibility to study an array of reputable courses and training which collectively deliver the skills, knowledge and experience needed to do a job in the real world. These include ILM diplomas, Prince2 or Lean6 Sigma, LEADr, Microsoft Office and more.

To discuss how NILE can tailor a management package to suit you or your business needs, email hello@nileeducation.co.uk or call 0151 650 6933.